How can my company be placed under liquidation?

A liquidator is a person appointed to wind up the affairs of a company and is responsible for managing the process of converting the property of a company into cash in order to settle the company’s debt and other liabilities, among other functions stated in the Corporate Insolvency Act. The company shall, within fourteen days of appointing the liquidator, lodge a certified copy of the ordinary resolution with the Registrar upon payment of the prescribed fee and the Registrar shall cause a notice to be published in a daily newspaper of general circulation in Zambia.

What forms will be required?

Insolvency Form I – Notice Of Appointment As Receiver, Liquidator, Or Business Rescue Administrator

Does this process require additional documents?

  1. Resolution;
  2. Court order;
  3. Deed of appointment; or
  4. Any relevant instrument

How much will this cost me?  

  • Notice of appointment as a Receiver or Liquidator – K1,149.91