How do I change directors or secretaries in a company?

When a company resolves to make changes to its Directors or Secretary such as appointment, resignation, dismissal, or death, the company is required to file a Notice of change in directors/ secretary (Companies Form 10) to the Registrar within twenty-one days, specifying the date and nature of the change. The Notice of change in directors or secretary may also be filed if changes in particulars of a director or secretary, such as the name, residential address, or other particulars have occurred.


       Companies Form 10 must be typewritten, in duplicate, and duly signed by directors or secretary.


  1. If appointed as new director – Ordinary Resolution
  2. If a director resigns –A notice of resignation is submitted to the Company
  3. In case of death of a director or secretary – Death certificate.


  • Form 10 – K200
  • Resolution – K200
  • Declaration of consent to act as director or secretary – K150


Companies Form 10– Notice of change in directors/ secretary