How can shares held by a deceased shareholder be transmitted?

A Notice of Transmission of Share (Companies Form 19) is filed to the Registrar, where the registered holder of a share(s) dies or becomes bankrupt. In the case of the death of a shareholder of a company the—

  1. survivor or survivors where the deceased was a joint holder; and
  2. personal representative of the deceased where the deceased was a sole holder or last survivor of joint holders;

shall be the only persons recognized by the company as having title to the deceased’s interest in the shares.

A representative on whom the ownership of a share devolves, by reason of the person being the personal representative, receiver, or assignee in bankruptcy of the holder or by operation of law may, on such evidence being produced as the board of directors may reasonably require—

  1. be registered as the holder of the share; or
  2. transfer the share to another person without first being registered as the holder of the share.


Companies Form 19 – Notice of transmission of shares



Supporting documents

  1. Death certificate;
  2. Letter of appointment as administrator of the estates of the deceased or court order as the case may be; and
  3. Certified copies of the NRC for Zambian or passport for non-Zambian for registered holder of a share(s) and personal representative.